• Electrical officers - 2, 3, 4 diesel technicians;

  • Electronics officers;

  • Refrigerating engineers;

  • Ship’s cooks;

  • Boatswains;

  • Ratings (for bridge navigation watch).

  • Contact number: (423) 243-49-50; 242-52-39 –HR Department


The company has implemented a new wages system for vessel crews. In case of compliance with a plan average wages are as follows, regardless of the season, harvested species value and other related factors:

  • rating – USD 1,500 per month,
  • officers – USD 1,800 – USD7,000 per month,
  • Masters – USD 7,000 up per month.

Company vessels work on a foreign voyage pattern with mileage allowance paid in foreign currency or currency paid instead of per diem allowances according to the norms established by Russian Government.

Wages are paid in a transparent system, with deductions made properly to the Pension Fund. 80% of the basic fee is paid right after the product sale and receipt of the proceeds, normally twice a month. The money is remitted to bank payroll accounts wherefrom they can be drawn using a bank card. This is a convenient solution for seamen’s families. The rest part of the basic fee and bonuses are paid within 2 weeks upon completion of a voyage.

Special bonuses are offered to the employees with continuous record in the company. In particular, employees are paid long-service awards.

Moreover, crew members are provided with a package of additional social support and incentives, such as life and health insurance, social compensations and payments, payment for training, children camp vouchers etc.


The company performs round-the-year harvesting, including deepwater crab fishing at the coasts of Primorye and Sakhalin; cod, halibut and grenadier longline fishing in the Sea of Okhotsk and Bering Sea.

Crew members are provided with most comfortable conditions on board vessels. A four-month long voyage makes it possible to avoid psycho-emotional stress caused by detachment from families and living ashore.

Ship crews are provided with high quality food.

The company maintains an effective career development system to encourage personal growth and facilitate promotions.