Today the "R/K "Vostok-1" JSC is known in the international and domestic markets as a reliable, strong and respectable partner. Our branded products are frozen organic fish products from halibut, pacific cod, thornyhead, skate, grenadier and black cod.

A special place in the range of manufactured products is occupied by boiled-frozen products from deep-sea Angulatus and Japonicus crabs and frozen products from deep-sea grenadiers, the fishery of which is carried out by the company at depths of 1000-2500 meters.

When processing catches, wasteless technologies are applied to produce different kinds of products that increase profitability. For instance, along with traditional headed and gutted cod, cod roe and milt we manufacture and successfully sell cod cheeks, tongues, stomachs and heads.

Vostok-1 has skilled workforce at every stage of production, including harvesting, processing transportation and storage, to deliver products to American, Japanese, European and Asian markets, which require particular quality.

The result of these actions is impeccably high-quality standards.

Successful development, exploration of new fishing grounds, elaboration and implementation of high-end fish and sea food processing technologies have become possible due to cooperation with science.

From the first days of its activity, the Company, along with the development of production, raised the "flag of cooperation with science" - with the Pacific Fisheries Research Center (TINRO-center). Our cooperation with TINRO-center lasts approximately 30 years and involves a series of targeted longer-term programs.

"Vostok-1" Fishing Company is a team of about 1000 people distinguished by professional, modern fleet and high technologies. The triunity ensures stable success on the world market. Fishing rates and production volumes are growing steadily without compromising quality of the finished product. Vostok-1 has stable financial position, or positive balance sheet, in terms of accounting.

Our highest value are the sailors who devote their knowledge, experience and efforts to the prosperity of our company. For the years of work the company staff has become a large fishermen family.

Vostok-1 endeavors for improvement of the fleet equipment and engineering support, exploration of new fishing grounds and target species, implementation of new technologies, all in close cooperation with the industry science. We are always welcome mutually beneficial cooperation with reliable partners.

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