In accordance with the Russian Federation Federal Law “On fishery and preservation of aquatic biological resources” No. 166-ФЗ dated 20.12.2004, the Decree of the Russian Federation Federal Agency for Fishery “On approval of shares in quotas for aquatic biological resources catch (harvesting) for commercial fishery (except for coastal fishery) on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation and in the exclusive zone of the Russian Federation” No. 306-ДК dated 11.11.2008, JSC Vostok-1 Fishing Collective Farm is assigned with shares in quotas for aquatic bioresources harvesting for the period of 2009-2018.

As compared with 2008, the limit for fish harvesting increased by 19% from 19 thsd tons to 24 thsd tons. Limits for crab increased 2.4 fold, from 4.9 thsd tons to 12 thsd tons. Our company is a stable leader among the Far East companies in deepwater crab fishery.

Having calculated our approximate shares, we came to a conclusion, as early as in 2007, that our company had to retrofit and expand its fishing fleet. In 2007 we purchased Shans-101 and refurbished if for crab fishery. In August 2008 the company launched a program for purchasing 8 new fishing vessels. The first vessel – Vostok-2 medium size freezer longliner – was reequipped and repaired in Japan and went under way for fishing on March 17, 2009. On September 5, 2009 the second vessel – Vostok-3 medium size freezer longliner made sail followed by Vostok-4 longliner on April 28, 2010. OnJune 8, 2010 newlypurchasedfloating crab processor Talan entered the fishing ground. In January 2011 Shans-102 floating crab processor went under way from Hakodate. Todaythecompanyhas 1 fishingvessels.

The retrofitted vessels will consume twice less fuel due to energy-efficient engines. For instance, our first longliners spend over 4 tons of fuel per day, while newly commissioned Vostok-2 freezer longliner will need only 1.8 tons per day. The vessels that initially had high seagoing performance, powerful refrigeration plant and sufficient hold capacity receive modern, properly located heavy duty fishing and processing equipment, which was once a dream.Besides, living quarters have been adjusted to accommodate Russian crews. We are retrofitting all the new vessels introduced to our fleet in the same manner.

Along with expanding the production capacities, the company plans to enlarge its product line, in particular, by specialized grenadier fishing. Three of the newly acquired vessels (beginning with Vostok-3 longliner) will be designated for the purpose. Grenadier is a unique large scale commercial species. Average daily yield of our longliners used to be about 20 tons. The new medium freezer longliner Vostok-3 will catch up to 30 tons with her improved fishing scheme and almost unlimited raw stuff freezing capacities.