During commercial exploration the crew of longliner “Vostok-7” caught rare unusual skilfish.

On June 10, 2018, longliner “Vostok-7” leaved for experimental voyage from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to research deep-sea fishing perspectives in the area of Hawaiian–Emperor seamo

The First Private Fishing Company of the Far East Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

“Establishment of a new fishing enterprise Vostok-1 in 1991 became possible due to global changes taking place in the country at that time, - remembers founder and Chairman of comp

A success of deepwater fishing

Far East fishermen believe that a success in deepwater fishing requires interaction between science and authorities.


Professional staff

The "Fishing collective farm "Vostok-1" employs about 1000 people. Vostok-1 collective is professionalism, modern fleet and high technologies.


Cooperation with science

Our cooperation with Pacific Fisheries Research Center (TINRO-center) lasts approximately 30 years and involves a series of targeted longer-term programs.


Deep-sea fishing

The company harvests deep-sea fish and crabs that live in the depth of 1000-2500 meters.


Wasteless technologies

When processing catches, technologies are applied to produce products that increase profitability.